We treasure talents whom contribute to the successful completion of each project. At Goldwave, teamwork is one of our core values. Our people-oriented culture helps maximize strengths and develop individual potentials by offering project exposures and proper trainings.

Join us to develop a better world in the steel structure sector together!

Hong Kong Team

Embraced by the inclusive culture with teammates from different departments, we are motivated to explore new engineering solutions and exchange creative ideas with a can-do attitude and think-outside-the-box mindset. By offering diverse opportunities, employee potentials can be unlocked that working at Goldwave will be a significant and fruitful chapter in one’s career path.

Welding Automation Team

Being one of the industry pioneers to initiate the development of on-site automation, Goldwave offers substantial support in grooming a young and energetic team. Sustainable investment on advanced equipment, extensive training and full support from our in-house welding experts speak for the commitment.

Unlike the controlled off-site automation in factory, flexibility is essential to apply on-site welding in every unique and challenging working environment. We strongly believe that the Human-Robot collaboration, to pair robots with human workers, combining strength and speed of industrial robotic arms, together with the creativity and ingenuity of humans, we consistently deliver higher efficiency and better quality in work.

Factory Team

We are so proud to be Goldwavians! Our management value of “People-first”, enables them to listen and communicate with colleagues from all departments. Thanks to the delegation trips organised by the Company, we have visited fabricator partners and exchanged with them valuable knowledge on modern workshop management and the latest fabrication technology. The hands-on experience has broadened our horizons. In addition, we have also achieved professionalism and self development via job rotation across departments and continuous learning.