Developing Sophisticated World on Safety and Health Management


Goldwave’s professional capabilities are highly regarded and recognized in the construction industry. We consistently deliver a diverse range of structural steel projects safely, on time and within budget. Our business strength is premised on our people, mainly because we have proven capability and capacity to provide a full spectrum of services by our wreath of in-house professionals.

High level of service begins at the design conceptualization stage and continues throughout the project life-cycle. Our service includes structural design and further consultation, material management and procurement, fabrication, project management, on-site construction, deliver of stringent quality assurance practice that spans on and off-site, as well as to develop sophisticated design on safety and health management for the purpose to protect our workforce and the public.

On the other hand, smart management and entrepreneurial ideas provide quick decisions and rapid responses to our clients. At Goldwave, our core project management team, along with a directly employed structural steel construction workforce consists of skillful welders and riggers, deliver high quality service whilst early involvement and maintaining close collaborative relationship with all stakeholders, is customary. Together, we are committed to creating a safe, efficient and inclusive working environment, where all stakeholders are encouraged to think out of the box for new ideas. Our mandate and objectives are to deliver the best construction-driven execution approach that exceeds customer expectations.

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Our people are our most important and valuable assets. To reaffirm our commitment to health and safety for our employees, customers, subcontractors and the public, we prioritize safety and health at all levels by implementing a comprehensive health and safety management system at work. Safety measures are introduced and enforced through uninterrupted training on the most accurate safety knowledge, effective planning, auditing, corrective actions and reviews.

We continuously strive to enhance our practices in order to maximize the level of protection and performance for all stakeholders.