At the Forefront of New Construction Technology

By providing a high standard of workmanship in terms of quality and more importantly a safe and expedient delivery of each project, Goldwave’s major focus is to deliver projects that can meet or even exceed clients’ expectations. Since every project has its own specifications, only the most qualified professionals will be engaged to carry out work as required.


By partnering with Goldwave, you will experience and enjoy a full set of solutions that range from state-of-the-art structural steel designs to high precision detailed engineering services for modular steel structure, to be incorporated with Goldwave’s comprehensive Heavy Lifting solutions, the safest and fastest installation process available in the modern age, to bring about efficiency in fabrication techniques.

A total solution in Heavy Lifting Redevelopment of Kwong Wah Hospital, Yau Ma Tei

One of our featured heavy lifting projects is a true testament of our capability to pre-assemble precisely and lift at height a significantly large permanent steel structure (circa 1,100 tons self-weight) in a safe and efficient manner.


As an advocator and supporter of advanced BIM design technologies, our approach of applying digital engineering in our work demonstrates a successful model that consists of conceptual design modelling, simulation, aligned off-site digital platform, and the collaboration with fabrication facilities and on-site processes. This pertinent process also helps to facilitate solutions with the best outcome and reduce errors and uncertainties in dealing with increasingly challenging projects. At early stage, we even validate how conceptual designs will look and function on a BIM platform and how the proposed model will be responding to potential design changes.

Goldwave’s conceptual design capabilities are committed to the accuracy in all aspects of a project that includes the design of work scope, budgeting and scheduling of which are the keys to deliver a successful outcome. Furthermore, with respect to our comprehensive operation process, we diligently study and prepare for the following:

Goldwave’s continuous approach that comes with a robustly safe, efficient and cost-effective manner is the prerequisite to develop new and profoundly distinctive design processes for completing each of our projects and to satisfy our clients and stakeholders.

Value engineering is yet another area in which Goldwave excels at. Since our value engineering processes help define the scope of our projects as well as to divide them into manageable components, different parts of a project are being examined for alternatives that would offer benefits in engineering design, equipment and material selection, and construction. It is a proven technique that helps to meet clients’ primary objective and to identify opportunities which constitute to the reduction of cost.

We strongly believe that innovation is a collaborative effort. Our close affiliation with global-strategic alliance, which shares the same vision with us, places our presence at the forefront of new construction technology in a competitive and volatile industry.