“Great leaders don’t succeed because they are great. They succeed because they bring out the greatness in others.”
– Jon Gordon

Alan Li

Managing Director / Founder

Graduated at Ottawa University of Canada, Alan obtained a BASc in Civil Engineering. Actively engaged in the engineering field for over 30 years, Alan is equipped with and develops a unique vision to steel structure, which is increasingly influential to the contemporary world of architecture and building.

As the Founder and Managing Director of the Goldwave Group of companies since 2012, Alan is an unconventional thinker, who lives by the motto that one should always be self-motivated to learn, improve and step out of their comfort zone —By taking on challenges that stretch you, the determination to go an extra mile may lead you to enjoy the ultimate success. This game-changing mindset underlines the growing reputation of Goldwave as one of the industry leaders in steel structure.  

For decades, R&D has always been one of Alan’s priorities. Encouraged by the constant discovery of new potential in steel and its application, Goldwave has redefined the industry standards in a widening spectrum.

The wisest investment is in oneself. Alan is passionate about fostering an inclusive culture and lets every team member play a part. Being receptive to great ideas from collective thinking, Alan initiates a concerted effort in sharing common values, driving business diversification, building performing teams and developing future leaders. 

Another Side of Alan

Besides work, Alan’s favorite sport is basketball. Team sports like basketball demands strategies, skills, concentration, self-motivation, winning mentality and selfless dedication.  Under Alan’s guidance, the Goldwave Basketball Team bears a certain resemblance to a well-coordinated project team.

To contact Alan: management@goldwave.hk