Fabricated Steel Components

Our Steel fabrication plants are well equipped with automation technology predominantly used for built-up beams, columns, steel modules and a variety of design based components.

Automated fabrication processes enable the primary design data to be extracted from a 3D Tekla shop drawing model and then migrated to various CNC machines to cut, drill and profile steel components.

Automated fabrication facilities, coupled with our highly skilled welding professionals, achieve greater precision in terms of the high level of quality, and predictable production cycles that ensure cost-effective products to be delivered on time. Together, they allow us to reach our productivity not less than 80,000 tons per annum. 

As one of the pioneers in the structural steel industry, Goldwave continuously invent in our people, fabrication facilities and on-site equipment to provide our customers with the best service and innovative solutions.

Our expertised :

  • Large span trusses (roof trusses, transfer trusses, bridges)
  • built-up beams (cellular beams, crank beams)  
  • built-up box sections
  • built-up stanchions
  • built-up columns (curciform columns, Concrete-filled Tube)
  • Special structure