Steel Fabrication

Operational investment has been significant and continuous over the years, with many innovative features being developed and incorporated. The modern, state-of-the-art steel fabrication facilities enables our team to offer unique in-house manufactured solutions to meet complex requirement. This also allow us to fully control the supply and quality of our product range, while the use of off-site techniques helps to reduce waste and labour costs.

Our highly resourced manufacturing facility in Shenzhen and the easy accessible warehouse in Hong Kong , giving us an extensive, productive and flexible construction service.

Our expertized :

  • Large span trusses (roof trusses, transfer trusses, bridge)
  • built-up beams (cellular beams, crank beams)  
  • built-up box sections
  • built-up stanchions
  • built-up columns (curciform columns, Concrete-filled Tube)