120 Meters in height and 8,000 Tons of structural steel 

Goldwave offered a one-stop-solution design, material supply, steel components fabrication, and build for two highly efficient steel frame twin towers of total tonnage reach 8,000 tons. The use of steel structure created an additional 5% net leasable area and a ceiling height of up to 3 meters. The value-engineered design of slimmer main columns maximizes the flexibility of internal layouts and enhances the greater satisfactory of user’s experience.

The proposed commercial development comprises 2 commercial towers (Tower A and B) with approximately 30 floors’ storeys, with ground floor level for the driveway and access to adjoining public road and 3-level of the basement for car parking/ loading and unloading bay. The total height of towers from the proposed ground floor level (+6.65mPD) to the main roof is approximately 125m. The towers are linked by a two-storey high podium, which is comprised of retail shops, a podium garden, and transformer rooms. 1.5m soil load is considered as provisional podium garden loading. 3F is mainly for E&M plant rooms. From 5F to 30F are typical floors for office use. There are three basement floors for car parks. Heavy good vehicles (HGV and EVA are designed to travel on the proposed ground floor (G/F) level only.

The building will be composed of two different structural materials and reinforced concrete. Typical office floors will be built by structural steel frames with a reinforced concrete central core. The structural slab is a reinforced concrete slab with steel decking as temporary formwork.


Structural Steel Frame Design, Supply, Fabrication and Installation