Redevelopment of Kwong Wah Hospital (K.I.L. 10748)

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Redevelopment of Kwong Wah Hospital

2,100 Tons Large Structural Steel Frame comprising two complete floors for a composite redevelopment building

Goldwave’s in-house Special Project Team is proud to have recently completed a single lift of a 40 meters clear span heavy strength steel structure frame (S460 grade steel), total weight exceeding 1,000 Tons. By utilising modern-day technology in terms of strand jacking methods along with precision equipment, our heavy lifting methodology and technique are designed and implemented around best safety practices, high quality and cost-effective on-time delivery.

Scope of Work :

Supply & Installation of Optimized Steel Truss Design and steel structure at 3/F to 5/F 

  • Truss length     : 25 meters
  • Truss tonnage  : 1,000+ T
  • Total tonnage of project : 2,100 T







China State Construction Engineering (HK) Ltd.


Supply and Installation of Optimised Steel Truss


Steel Structure Construction End Sept 2020 - End March 2021