Cellular Beam

Posted on December 13th, 2021

West Kowloon Express Railway Link Terminus Commercial Development

Posted on December 8th, 2021

Commercial Complex and Office Towers  

We are incredibly proud to offer our expertise to the city’s largest-ever commercial development which is worths an estimated HK$70 billion. The project scope covers significantly in material supply, fabrication, and installation of hundreds of built-up cruciform stanchions for the superstructure of 2 commercial-office towers in phase 1. The towers, at height of 148 and 122 meters respectively will be constructed in the 59,735 sqm site atop of the High-Speed West Kowloon Express Railway Link Terminus. With our proven track record of delivering faster and safer projects, we cannot wait for the second phase to commence.   

The project’s total gross floor area is 3.16 million square feet providing two towers of grade A offices, facilities for retails, high-quality green public open space, and a trail that integrates with the nearby West Kowloon Cultural District, thus creating easy access to the waterfront. Being one of the highlights, an outdoor observation deck with views of Victoria Harbour on the top floor of the tallest building, will be open to the public. 

Sun Hung Kai Properties our client, believes that this iconic project can boost commerce, trades, tourism and benefits the residents nearby alongside the West Kowloon Cultural District. The shopping plaza and public space are expected to be completed during 2025 with the entire project to be finished off in 2028. 

MEGA Plus – SUNeVision iAdvantage Data Center, Tseung Kwan O Data Center

Posted on December 8th, 2021

Followed by the success of promoting the benefits of steel structure to client’s project, the mixed-use commercial development in 98 How Ming Street, and the recent success in project delivery of Government Data Center in Cheung Sha Wan, Goldwave was honored to be the structural steel contractor for structural design, fabrication, and installation of phase I development. We strongly believe that our effective steelwork proposal and solid project references will be considered with high degree of confidence for the next phase of development.

Mixed-use Commercial Twin Composite Towers, Cheung Sha Wan NKIL6505

Posted on December 7th, 2021

120 Meters in height and 8,000 Tons of structural steel 

Goldwave offered a one-stop-solution design, material supply, steel components fabrication, and build for two highly efficient steel frame twin towers of total tonnage reach 8,000 tons. The use of steel structure created an additional 5% net leasable area and a ceiling height of up to 3 meters. The value-engineered design of slimmer main columns maximizes the flexibility of internal layouts and enhances the greater satisfactory of user’s experience.

The proposed commercial development comprises 2 commercial towers (Tower A and B) with approximately 30 floors’ storeys, with ground floor level for the driveway and access to adjoining public road and 3-level of the basement for car parking/ loading and unloading bay. The total height of towers from the proposed ground floor level (+6.65mPD) to the main roof is approximately 125m. The towers are linked by a two-storey high podium, which is comprised of retail shops, a podium garden, and transformer rooms. 1.5m soil load is considered as provisional podium garden loading. 3F is mainly for E&M plant rooms. From 5F to 30F are typical floors for office use. There are three basement floors for car parks. Heavy good vehicles (HGV and EVA are designed to travel on the proposed ground floor (G/F) level only.

The building will be composed of two different structural materials and reinforced concrete. Typical office floors will be built by structural steel frames with a reinforced concrete central core. The structural slab is a reinforced concrete slab with steel decking as temporary formwork.


Structural Steel Frame Design, Supply, Fabrication and Installation 

Tin Wing Light Rail Station (Heavy Lifting & Skidding System for Temporary Platform)

Posted on December 8th, 2021

Tin Wing Light Rail Station (Pedestrian Steel Bridges)

Posted on December 8th, 2021


Supply, Fabrication and On-site Erection

Kai Tak NKIL 6568 (Heavy Lifting System – Temporary Working Platform)

Posted on December 8th, 2021

Goldwave’s ingenious heavy lifting system creates a breakthrough to turn “impossible mission” to possible solution. In this project, Goldwave design, fabricates and hoists up 5 irregular service decks within extremely compact spacing (from approx. 10-18 meters) from 5th floor to 28th floor to support the construction of a massive concrete transfer slab permanently in place on the 29th floor.

The service decks also serve as safety working platforms for site workers to carry out the remaining works for the transfer slap installation. 5 temporary protection platforms are to be installed as a safety measure to mitigate the risk of falling objects to protect workers during the construction period of service decks.  


Design, supply, fabrication and installation (Heavy Lifting) 

Union Hospital (Building Extension)

Posted on December 8th, 2021

The Phase II extension of the Union Hospital included four additional floors to be built on top of the existing hospital which surgery facilities in operation. Goldwave’s outperformed alternative steel frame solution and construction methodology mitigated the big concern of disruption of noise and smoke disruption.

The extension occupies a total floor area of 6,000sqm and accommodates 100 extra beds, a centre for patients undergoing minor surgery, consultation rooms for specialists, and offices.


Supply, Fabrication and Installation of structural steel frame

Modular House Steel Frame

Posted on December 8th, 2021

Project Include:

  • Shenzhen Quarantine Hotel (150 units of Modular House)
  • CSCEC International Hotel (128 units of Modular House)
  • CSCEC Health Station (152 units of Modular House)
  • Hong Kong Penny’s Bay Quarantine Center Phase IV – Corridor Module (1,728 units of Modular House)
  • Hong Kong Penny’s Bay Quarantine Center Phase IV – Staircase Module (490 units of Modular House)
  • Hong Kong Kai Tak Quarantine Center – Corridor Module (384 units of Modular House)


Supply and Fabrication

Redevelopment of Kwong Wah Hospital (KIL 10748)

Posted on December 8th, 2021

2,100 Tons Large Structural Steel Frame comprising two complete floors for a composite redevelopment building

Goldwave’s in-house Special Project Team was proud to have recently completed a single lift of a 40 meters clear span heavy-strength steel structure frame (S460 grade steel), total weight exceeding 1,000 Tons. By utilizing modern-day technology of  strand jacking methods along with precision equipment, our heavy lifting methodology and technique were designed and implemented around best safety practices, high quality, and cost-effective on-time delivery.

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