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A Total Solution in Heavy Lifting

Eric Kwok
Technical Director

“From erection scheme design to construction, our total solution in heavy lifting does not only focus on efficiency, but also places the same amount of attention on safety by design.”

“From erection scheme design to construction, our total solution in heavy lifting does not only focus on efficiency, but also places the same amount of attention on safety by design.”

Redevelopment of Kwong Wah Hospital, Yau Ma Tei

In place of the original proposal with RC, steel structure was chosen for its superiority in efficiency of span to depth ratio and self-weight ratio. From erection scheme design, fabrication, logistics, to onsite erection, Goldwave Structural Steel (GWSS) offered a comprehensive heavy lifting solution for this redevelopment project.

The mezzanine steel structure components of Kwong Wah Hospital were prefabricated in Goldwave’s fabrication yard in Jiangmen. The components were directly delivered to the construction site by road. While minimising the impacts on daily operation is a prerequisite, the semi-modularised assembly and erection of the steel structural components were carried out in a tight working space next to the main building of the Kwong Wah Hospital.

Being one of the busiest districts in Hong Kong, Yau Ma Tei has imposed a real challenge on transportation issues throughout the entire project. In view of the road condition that was persistently plagued by heavy traffic, a temporary traffic arrangement was carefully planned.

This project has demonstrated our sophisticated approach in addressing demanding tasks with our quality workmanship applied on high strength S460 steel material and our technical know-how in heavy lifting, which minimised the risks of working at height.

Also, the scope of work comprised the assembly of ancillary steels, staircases and roof steel in the basement and ground floor.

Project Summary

Long Span Steel Truss Structure with Supporting Double-truss

Total Weight: 2,600t

Dimension of Long Span Steel Truss Structure

47m x 33m x 5m

Capacity of Strand Jacks

6 x 200t + 6 x 100t


Hospital Authority

China State Construction International Holdings Limited


Bronze Medal, Award for Best Method Statement by Occupational Safety & Health Council

Project Types

Heavy Lifting ; Steel Building


Congested Traffic at Site Location

The heavy traffic in Yau Ma Tei has restricted the transportation frequency, limited logistic flexibility, and created difficulties when scheduling the construction work.

The construction site was attached to the existing main building in Kwong Wah Hospital, which was in normal operation and closely surrounded by residential and historical buildings.

Coupled with the complexity of assembling the massive, prefabricated steel structure components into one piece, the extremely tight site access and space allowed very limited working area for onsite assembly, erection, and storage.

Complicated Structure (Highly Skilled Welding and Stringent Quality Control)

Onsite welding of high strength steel S460 was initially required from ground level. A high degree of precision engineering and expertise for onsite welding for steel materials up to 80mm thick was required to meet distortion control for thick steel plates, fitting of components onsite, and tight geometry control of the prefabricated steel trusses.

The integration of tolerance control for large cast-in pieces with reinforced concrete structure endured a series of analytical process engineering.

Other than welding on ground, individual connections matched and fitted to install each 70-ton double truss through onsite welding at height (6-degree of fine-tuning adjustment of the overall geometry) posed another huge challenge.

Heavy Lifting of the 1100t

To complete the permanent steel structure, the ultimate deliverable was to lift up the 1,100t mega, one-piece truss structure by 20m from ground and to prepare for match-up with the double trusses. Welding at height with in-filled pieces thus required extra attention to safety measures.


Precisely Timed Logistics of Prefabricated Components

Led by a team of professionals with international exposure in mega-structure heavy lifting, our technical know-how and project management expertise facilitated the work in each stage.

Meticulous planning determined the most effective and precise construction sequence. Modelling/simulation of the work in each stage were conducted before project commencement.

With the support of our own fabrication yard in Jiangmen, we were able to prefabricate the required steel structure components and transport them to the site at Kwong Wah Hospital directly. To facilitate the temporary traffic management, night delivery was scheduled.

Seamless Combination of Workmanship and Automation in Substantial Two-Part Welding

Stage-engineered methodology was applied from design to build, with particular attention paid to safety. To minimise the chance of working at height, welding of high strength steel S460 thick plate steel was carried out smoothly by our specially designed robotic arm on ground. The massive one-piece horizontal steel truss platform was assembled and ready to be lifted up.

In-depth planning for in-fill pieces helped minimise the possibility of potential mismatch. Thanks to the matching through highly precise connections, the semi-modularised, prefabricated double trusses from Jiangmen were installed onsite, via a 6-degree fine-tuning adjustment for geometry control. In order to complete the project, the double trusses were welded permanently with the 1,100t massive steel structure.

Strand jacks were applied as temporary support to lift up the massive steel structure from ground. A highly skilled welding team was pulled in to perform the welding at height. In particular, the experienced preheating skills and welding of thick steel plates in proper sequence ensured high quality workmanship.

High-Level Quality Assurance

Diligent engineering checks, verification and stage analysis, including coordination of temporary works, ensured that each step of the erection was safe and sound.


Innovative Construction Technology

Construction Efficiency and Quality of Work

Reduced Completion Time by a Few Months

Reduced Risk of Working at Height


Apart from thinking outside the square, we also adopted and embraced modern practices to help grow our business into a tier-one operation. Recognition of our outstanding achievements by members of the industry has encouraged us to progress along Goldwave’s path of success in the future days to come.